Deep Dive Groups

Deep Dive Group Basics

The Groups: Selah Deep Dive Groups consist of 6-10 women primarily from the U.S. who are involved in local expressions of church community and who want to dialog deeply on current issues from a gospel-centered perspective.

The Meetings: Each group meets for a 90-minute video chat weekly for 4 weeks. All participants will receive material for study beforehand which will be discussed at the weekly meeting. There will be a Group Facilitator present at every meeting to help guide the discussion and provide feedback to the group.

The Commitments: In order to make Selah Deep Dive an intentionally formative experience, we ask that each person come prepared to attend all 4 of the video chats and be ready for discussion by processing the material and having thoughts and questions to share with the group. For each series, we also ask for a one-time financial contribution of $40 to cover the cost of the administrative and pastoral care of the groups.

How do Deep Dive Groups work?

Selah Deep Dive Groups consist of a series of facilitated conversations focusing on a specific topic that directly relates to the current climate. Women often feel they need a place to process, think, and explore deep topics together, and it’s an important part of the way we grow and mature in the Lord at a heart level. Plus, we find a deeper sense of our common humanity and the beauty of the kingdom as we connect with women of all ages and from various communities who may think differently than us. Our previous series have included conversations on understanding suffering, pursuing racial equity, stewarding a heart for justice, or walking through grief. We will be offering more series as time goes on, so check this page for information on how to join in on the next round of Deep Dive Groups! 

NEW Selah Resource: If you have been in a Selah Leadership Group, we have created a 4-part facilitation and discussion guide that equips you to lead and facilitate your own Deep Dive Group with women in your local community! We are offering this Resource at a suggested donation of $40, and you can contact us if you are interested in getting your hands on it! 

Current Series: Finding Rest in Chaos

Our current series is entitled, “Finding Rest in Chaos.” The world seems more chaotic than ever, but the Lord still calls us to a lifestyle of peace and to rhythms of rest. But how? How do we rest in the midst of all the chaos? In this Selah Deep Dive Series we will hear first-hand from women within the 24-7 Network around the globe on how they have learned to rest in all seasons. These four weeks we will listen, discuss, and learn from these leaders as they share their stories and insight. We highly encourage you to join us as we seek to rest in Jesus…. even now!


“I’m thankful to have a safe place to process difficult ideas and struggle with them together so we can all grow in our relationships with God.”

– Lauren Lindsey, Age 36

“The Deep Dive Selah Group gave me the opportunity to understand concepts of my spirituality in a new way, but also to be able to put in practice daily relational communication between me and my Heavenly Father. I left feeling like I had gotten over a major stumbling block in my life and also more equipped to deal with even bigger losses to come.”

– Julia Nix, Age 18

“It’s just so beautiful how we are learning and gleaning from one another especially during this season with women from all over… we are so much alike and so willing to be vulnerable with one another in the Lord.”

– Brenda Carpenter, Age 63