Leadership Groups

Leadership Group Basics 

The Groups: Each Selah Leadership Group consists of 6 women from at least 3 different countries, all of whom are actively engaged in some form of Christian ministry leadership.

The Meetings: Each group meets for a 90-minute video chat once a month, for the purpose of journeying together through that month’s spiritual formation topic. Throughout the rest of the month there is a blog-like conversation running on a private page that you can engage with as your capacity allows. The first 3-4 months will be lead by one of our Group Facilitators, and then the group will transition to being primarily peer lead. 

The Commitments:  Each group runs for a minimum of one year.  We ask for this time commitment to help the groups solidify and get into a healthy rhythm together.  During this year we also ask for a financial commitment to support the cost of the administrative and pastoral care of the groups. After the one year mark, your group can choose to continue to meet on their own, but your financial commitment will come to a close. 


I want in a Selah Leadership Group! What now?

There are 5 easy steps to get you placed into the perfect group.

Step 1: Application

The application is simply our way for you to introduce yourself to us with some basic information.  Click on the application button below to apply! 

Step 2: Interview

Once we receive your application, someone from our team will reach out to you and schedule an online video chat interview.  This is our opportunity to hear each other’s hearts, as well as for us to get to know more of your story and get a sense of what group you would thrive in.

Step 3: Waiting Period

After the interview we will need some time to place you in the right group.  Sometimes this takes a while, due to the nature of pulling women together from various countries.  We are committed to having at least 3 countries represented within every group, and it’s worth the wait! 

Step 4: Placement

Once you are placed in a group, we will email you with information about your specific group and give you a chance to accept your placement. This email will include all of the meeting dates and times for the whole year, plus introductions to your other group members. 

Step 5: Launch

Once you have confirmed your commitment, you are officially welcomed into your group. We will send you any final information you may need, then you’ll be ready to launch!


The best way we could think of to give you a sense of what it’s like to be in a Selah Leadership Group was to ask a few ladies to share their experiences. Like all Selah women, these ladies come from different backgrounds, are living in different cultures, but are all passionately serving Christ in their context. We highly recommend you take a quick moment and watch these videos! You wont be sorry. 

Laurie from the US

Rebecca from England

Sarah from South Africa

Mary from the Middle East