Payment Options

We believe a commitment to your Selah Group will benefit your heart, mind, spirit and soul through the deep, transformative relationships with other women. To help support this process we offer a team who will work behind the scenes to ensure the health and administration of your groups. Women who join a Selah Leadership Group or Deep Dive Group will be asked to contribute a payment to cover the cost of this pastoral and administrative care.

Leadership Groups

When you have been placed in a Leadership Group and are ready to make your payment, you can select one of the following options below. If you choose to pay monthly, $15 will automatically be deducted from your credit card each month for the whole year. If you choose to pay for the whole year in advance you will receive one month free (saves you $15), and there will simply be a one-time deduction of $165 from your credit card.

Deep Dive Groups

When you have been placed in a Deep Dive Group and are ready to make your payment for the series, you can give your one-time contribution of $40 here. This is a reminder that you will have to pay for each Deep Dive series you participate in.

Selah Resource

If you are ready to be a Group Facilitator and would like to give the suggested donation of $40 for a Selah Resource, you may use the “Deep Dive Group (or Series Resource)” payment method above. If you would like to give a differnt amout, you may click here.

Our desire is that everyone who wants to participate in a Selah Group will have that opportunity. Therefore, if the cost is prohibiting you from moving forward please contact a Selah Team member for scholarship information.