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Selah Groups are intentionally designed to connect women in leadership from around the world. Each group consists of 4-6 women from multiple different countries, all of whom are actively engaged in some form of Christian ministry leadership. They meet online for 90 minutes once a month for 6 months, where a group facilitator will lead in journeying together through each month’s discussion topic. 

The idea is simple…but the fruit is eternal. Our groups are as diverse as the women in them, and the possibilities of ongoing relationship and continued growth are endless.

we crave connection...

As women in Christian leadership, we crave connection and simply to know we are not alone. 


We long to be surrounded by other like-minded and like-hearted women who are loving and leading in their lives. What would it look like to have companions on the journey supporting each other in this season and in the ones ahead?


We thirst for transformation, though we often find it hard to make space in our lives to prioritize our own personal growth. What would it look like to pursue spiritual formation (the process of being conformed to the image of Christ) together?


We need to hear and learn from others who come from different cultures and are in different seasons of life. What would it look like to be shaped by a diversity of perspectives alongside a variety of women serving in their own contexts around the globe?

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